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    Little Apple Treats was born from a desire to find a way to make use of the apples growing in our certified Organic orchard. In the area of Sonoma county where we live, each town is known for an agricultural commodity.  Petaluma for its butter and eggs. Sonoma for its grapes. Sebastopol, where we live, is known for its apples. Each year the town throws the Apple Blossom Parade in the spring and the Gravenstein Apple Fair in the fall. Apples were the backbone of the Sebastopol economy with 24 apple processing plants around town.

    This started changing in 1982 when an increase in apple imports brought down the price that local farmers could get for their apples. Today with cheap apple concentrate from China being sold at costs below what it costs us to even pick our apples, local farmers have ripped up apple orchards and started planting grape vineyards. Only one apple processing plant remains in our town.