• Sweet Lime Vinegar

Sweet Lime Vinegar

This raw vinegar makes a great addition to any salad or salsa. We make it by letting our apple cider vinegar infuse with fresh sweet limes before bottling. 

Our apple cider vinegar is truly a labor of love. We press freshly-picked organic apples on our small press and ferment the resulting juice in five gallon batches until it becomes a delicious hard cider. We then decant the cider into oak barrels spiked with vinegar mother where, for a year or longer, the cider slowly transforms into apple cider vinegar. When ready, we lightly filter it and then bottle it up. Our vinegar is never heated and it's packed with probiotics. It's delicious for sipping, versatile in the kitchen and packed with flavor! 

375 ml (12.7 oz.)

Ingredients: organic apples, sweet limes 

375 mL (12.7 oz.)