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    Are the ingredients you use organic?

    We are small-scale organic farmers ourselves and do our best to support other small-scale organic farmers. Sometimes though we find a vendor we really like and trust who is not certified or have problems finding an organic version of an ingredient we want to use. For example, there is the sorghum that we buy directly from a farm in Tennessee and some of the spices we source from small family farms overseas that don't have the resources for certification.  

    Please see the About Our Products page for more information on our farm and suppliers. 

    If you use so many organic ingredients, why aren't your products certified organic?

    This is a great question that we grapple with regularly. Honestly, the answer is that we are still small and growing and organic certification hasn't been the right fit for us yet. Our orchards and nursery business are both certified organic by CCOF.  So the apples we grow and use in Little Apple products are certified organic. But to put an organic seal on our products we would have to go through a separate product specific certification process which is more than we want to take on at this point. We do plan to apply for organic certification once we have an on-farm processing facility built (exciting!).  Follow our progress by following us on social media and signing up for our newsletter.  

    Do your products contain wheat as an ingredient?

    Most of our products are not made with wheat.  In fact, the only products that contain wheat are the Bohemian Highway Granola (it contains organic rye flakes), Granola Cookies, and Apple Biscotti.  

    Are your products gluten free?

    While most of our products are wheat free, we cannot claim that they are gluten free. Why?  Well, the oats and the quinoa flakes we use in all of our granolas are processed in a facility where other grains are processed. And we cook and bake our products in a kitchen where products with gluten are also produced. This means there could be traces of gluten in our ingredients and products. So if you are addressing Celiac Disease, our products are not right for you.

    Do you have vegan products?

    Yes, all of our granolas are vegan! 

    Can I sell your products in my store?

    Yes, please Contact Us or more info.