Startlingly delicious apple cider vinegar, shrubs, candy, granola, cookies, and more, crafted just steps from the orchard.

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Best by far in a taste test lineup

I did a taste test with this ACV against a few others (store-bought brands and one other specialty brand) and it was by far the best - it had the most apple-y aroma and unique vanilla/wine-like barrel tones. Delightful and best I've ever had.

Alexandra M. on the Original Apple Cider Vinegar


Excellent for Dipping Sauces

Little Apple Treat’s balsamic vinegar is very tasty and is great whether an ingredient in a homemade salad dressing or simply being added to some olive oil for a dipping sauce with a nice baguette. Like all their products it is of high quality and one can taste and tell that it is made with tender loving care!

Kenneth P. on the Apple Balsamic Vinegar



I saw that this was recommended by Martha Stewart and it sounded delicious. Once I saw that it was local to the Bay Area (where I live), I had to try it. The blackberry lemonade is my favorite flavor so far.

Chloe H. on the Blackberry Lemonade Shrub


Best Granola Ever

I absolutely love this granola- the apples are perfectly baked and the spice just right! I would love to buy this in bulk if I could!! Love this, highly recommend.

Joanne R. on the Orchard Blend Granola

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Los Angeles, CA
Our Signature Apple Cider Vinegar
Made from the freshly-pressed cider of our own organic apples, our signature Apple Cider Vinegar is known for its bright intensity that truly takes the fruit’s flavor to new depths. Try the Original recipe that started it all, or explore infusions fermented with locally-sourced ingredients like turmeric, Meyer lemons, blood oranges, and Pinot Noir grapes. Our award-winning Apple Cider Vinegars are pressed in small batches and aged in oak barrels for two years. Well worth the wait.

"An Apple cider vinegar that actually tastes like apples" - Milk Street
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Grown in Sebastopol, CA

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We’re a “peel-to-pip” closed loop farm and manufacturing facility that supports small-scale agriculture.

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Featured in Martha Stewart's American Made

We always knew our shrubs and vinegars make a beautiful addition to any gathering, so imagine our delight at this Martha Stewart table setting. Shop the whole set, which includes Original Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger + Hibiscus Shrub, and Meyer Lemon + Green Coriander Shrub, to elevate anything from salads to cocktails. Each product is packed in a glass bottle and finished with a cork—a nod to the winery oak barrels in which they’re fermented and aged.