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These caramel treats are absolutely delicious! I bought some for a friend who was visiting northern, ca and she feel in love as well. Perfect amount of sweetness and lots of incredible flavor. We tried several varieties and all were incredible tasting! Highly recommend!

Plum + Vanilla Shrub
Fereshteh M. (Santa Rosa, US)
Magic in a bottle

This shrub has been amazing for dressing up salads, I have also used it for mixing a cocktail or two. So much flavor and very versatile in terms of its use. I highly recommend trying it, you won't be disappointed.


I drink one tablespoon before each meal to help control blood sugar. I mix with water and some other things and it tastes really good. Now I need to get a recipe to make salad dressing with it too. Thank you.

Apple Cider Caramels Treat Pack Sampler
Victoria S. (Seattle, US)

I never write reviews, but these are the best caramels I've ever tasted. Totally unique and delicious. Will be buying sampler packs as holiday gifts this year. The one with rose petals and cocoa nibs...out of this world!

Original Apple Cider Vinegar
susan (Boston, US)
Great vinegar!

I use this vinegars to make shrubs; it works beautifully in them.

Apple cider caramels to die for!

Coming from Chicago, we first had the Apple cider caramels with candy caps when we visited Napa. Now we order them every couple months! Our absolute favorites. Tried other flavors but sticking to the candy caps! Highly recommend

Apple Balsamic Vinegar
Lawrence W. (Batavia, US)
Bright and complex

Love this balsamic version of their apple cider vinegar. It has a caramel apple vibe, but isn’t cloying or heavy.

Super-Fan Size Ginger Limeade Shrub
sue s. (San Francisco, US)
All the best!

These fabulous shrubs hav made my life a bit cheerier! They are healthy, And delicious and add a spunk to an ordinary mix! L Chaim!

Finally Found This!

Ever since TJs discontinued their orange Muscat champagne vinegar I've been searching for a similar alternative. I've tried too many awful, overly tart or bitter attempts before finding this.
It's outstanding for my homemade salad dressing! Very citrus forward and well balanced. In using it in/on everything from Avocados to Zoodles. Also tried the great dressing recipe that LAT included for an immulsified salad dressing with apples.
Very tasty

Very tasty

This is delicious vinegar and I love supporting a small farm. This is definitely more powerful than the previous Apple cider vinegar I was using.

Blood Orange + Raspberry Shrub
AnnyP (Redwood City, US)

The blood orange and raspberry shrub is a favorite in my house. We mix it with seltzer and have a delicious drink that's good for us. We always have some.

Apple of My Eye - Caramel Gift Box
hannah s. (New York, US)
the best caramels you will ever have

mind-blowing caramels. perfect texture, nuanced flavor profile. i will be purchasing these for myself + as gifts probably for the rest of my life.

little drops of heaven

I tried these at my daughters house and ran home to order a bunch for myself. Soft, sweet, appley, salty, crunchy goodness. Delicious!

My favorite refreshing drink

I love all of the shrubs made by little apple treats but this one is my favorite. The guava adds a lovely refreshing Hawaiian summer day quality. I simply mix a shot with carbonated water from my soda machine and ice and drink with dinner or desert. Its such a trear wish they made this in super fan size because I most definitely am a super fan.

Love. Love. Love.

I try to drink vinegar every day. And sometimes it's a real slog...just getting myself to do it. THIS. This vinegar has me running to the kitchen to fix my evening tonic. I actually look forward to it. Cup of hot water and a tablespoon of this and I'm smiling. Thank you!

Wildfire Apple Cider Vinegar
Janice J. (San Cristobal, US)

I purchased your Wildfire Cider Vinegar, one for myself and one for my son and his partner. He let me know how much they are loving theirs. They are diluting it with a little water and enjoying it as a morning wake-up tonic. I am using mine in spring greens sautés…another kind of Spring tonic. And it is delicious ! I find myself rationing it out, so as not to use it up too fast. I guess I will just have to order more, and not worry about being without. I also feel good about supporting your small business and appreciate the work (and heart) that undoubtedly goes into everything that you do.

New World Blend Granola
Debbie E. (Sacramento, US)
Incredibly delicious!

I purchased a couple of flavors of the granolas, but decided to try this one first as it has a variety of nuts and pumpkin seeds. It is literally the best granola I have every had over 50 years of eating granola. Wow! So much flavor and crunch I love it.

Blood Orange + Meyer Lemon Shrub
Debbie E. (Sacramento, US)
This shrub is the bomb!

Wow, this blood orange and meyer lemon apple cider vinegar based shrub is the bomb! I took a drink of it straight first - wow- then made both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks (the latter trying vodka and then gin). It is amazing. So much flavor! Thank you so much for making this available.

Strawberry + Pink Peppercorn Shrub
Marie K. (San Francisco, US)
Great mixer

I have mixed this with both non alcoholic and regular bourbon with a splash of club soda. Both were great! Even good with just the club soda.

Pinot Noir Apple Cider Vinegar
Jennifer H. (Los Angeles, US)
Delicious vinegar combination

The little apple treats, Pinot Noir and apple cider vinegar is a delicious combination- my “go to” for vinaigrettes!

Make Their Day Gift Box
Nolan W. (Sacramento, US)

Everything in the basket is wonderful. The caramels are so complex and wonderful and with the apple pie treat, they make an incredible combo.


I'm loving this with a Passionfruit La Croix, with or without vodka 😉

Great alternative to wine habit

I recently stopped drinking wine but I missed the slightly acidic tang. I purchased a small bottle of this in Napa over the summer and decided to mix with seltzer to see if it would be a good replacement and I couldn’t be happier with the flavor profile. I have gotten a few additional flavors to try and have enjoyed each one. This one is not overly sweet which I like.

Strawberry + Pink Peppercorn Shrub
Chandra M. (Gainesboro, US)
Very flavorful

I was pleasantly surprised at how juicy and flavorful this shrub was! The strawberry flavor was very nice, not artificial at all. I love mixing 1 oz with 16 oz of sparkling water for an afternoon pick me up.

Great customer service

My gift box had a broken bottle. In it and the company sent me another set of vinegars right away! Fabulous customer service