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Best candy ever.

Not too sweet. A subtle hint of salt. Chewy and not too sticky.
Bursting with flavor.
I love these very much


Delightful -my favorite new candy! I received these as a gift 2 months ago And I’ve re-ordered twice already!

Apple Cider Caramels Treat Pack Sampler
Karen H. (East Hampstead, US)

Delicious! Best caramels I’ve ever tasted.

Cozy Cocoa Mix: Mint + Matcha
Kenneth P. (Simi Valley, US)
Evokes Childhood Memories

As a child I always had a cup of cocoa before going to bed and the Cozy Cocoa Mix has revived that memory for this old guy! It is a rich and tasty beverage and the hint of mint is a perfect addition that makes this a very special treat that I can enjoy every day! It definitely has re-established a childhood tradition. It is awesome!

Modern Mulling Spice
Kenneth P. (Simi Valley, US)
Tantalizingly Tasty

The Mull Spice is fantastic. It makes a wonderful tea to have in the evening, it also is nice for making a mulled wine! The aromas and flavor are so rich and so very flavorful, it is a total delight to the taste buds. It is definitely my “go to” evening beverage!

Incredible flavor!

I discovered these through Burlap and Barrel and didn't know what to expect but WOW they are incredible! I would've never imagined these flavor combinations but they work so well together. You can truly taste the freshness and quality of the ingredients. Will be ordering more soon!

Super-Fan Size Original Apple Cider Vinegar
Susan T. (Haddon Heights, US)
Simply the Best!

So much better than all the other brands.

Original apple cider vinegar


Spiced Apple Pie Caramels

I give it a 5 star review for I first received them in a welcome care package from my employer. They were so good I purchased them for myself!

Orchard Blend Granola
Traci P. (Albuquerque, US)

I am obsessed with this granola!
A wonderful compliment to my yogurt, anytime of day. The perfect amount of crunch and melding of flavors with the nuts, the apples, and the vanilla all rolled into an incredible bite! Little Apple Treats has the best treats! Thank you for all the wonderful treats you create! Superb!

Blood Orange + Raspberry Shrub
Traci P. (Albuquerque, US)
A delectable kick

This shrub is amazing! The perfect addition to any salad and a funtastic kick to sparkling water. We have had such fun playing with this shrub in marinades too. The perfect accent to so many dishes!

Granola Cookies
Traci P. (Albuquerque, US)
Oh my yum!

Extraordinary and satisfying cookies that I feel good giving to my granddaughter. She loved the flavor and said they were even better than my oatmeal cookies!

Apple Cider Caramels Treat Pack Sampler
Traci P. (Albuquerque, US)
Fun and Fantastic Flavors for All

An amazing treat! It was so much fun for everyone as we each tried a different caramel. Everyone had their favorites too. Fun and creative combinations that thrilled our tastebuds! Yum!!!

Apple Pie Snacks
Traci P. (Albuquerque, US)
So good!

These apple slices were scrumptious! We finished the bag in one day! Even my granddaughter was sneaking these treats. Something so good that is good for us! Love ‘em!

Spiced Apple Pie Apple Cider Caramels Box
Traci P. (Albuquerque, US)
A touch of home!

These caramels were awesome!
They reminded me of my grandmother’s apple desserts. You can taste the care and love that went into each and every bite. Thank you Little Apple Treats for making these amazing caramels❣️

Super-Fan Size Original Apple Cider Vinegar
Amanda Z. (San Francisco, US)
Great taste

More apple flavor than any other APC I’ve tried on the market.

Original Apple Cider Vinegar
Mimi (Peabody, US)
The absolute best

I love this apple cider vinegar. It is expensive but I use it as a finish or just add a tiny bit to a recipe. I do wish it was available in a larger size

Simply Delicious

Every item in this bundle is fabulous! During these HOT days I have been delighting in the amazing shrubs! Love the organic ingredients and recyclable packaging! I will definitely be ordering again soon! Thank you!

Strawberry + Pink Peppercorn Shrub
Chandler M. (Denver, US)
Perfect for mocktails

Absolutely love this shrub! I think the strawberry comes through more than the plum did, and it was perfect in a mocktail.

Best. Caramel. Ever.

So much flavor. Sophisticated. Definitely addictive. Life’s short — worth it.


No need to say more. So yummy. Just buy them.

Granola Cookies
Kristen H. (Oceanside, US)

These are so delicious, perfectly crumbly and soft and chocolatey and I can’t stop eating them.

My Favorite!

Granted I haven’t tried every caramel flavor but these are delicious! I love these and would love them even more if it had more of the crushed almonds on and in each caramel. The difference in the chew to the itty bitty crunch of the nuts are wonderful. So mouth watering and delectable! Gimme, gimme!

Apple Pie Snacks
jared j. (Sebastopol, US)
almost too good

these are so much better than any other dried apple we've tried -- my wife and I use them as bribes to get our kids to go hiking lol

Super-Fan Size Ginger Limeade Shrub
GL (San Francisco, US)
My favorite

While it is hard to choose a favorite Shrub from Little Apple Treats, this is my current favorite. Always try to have it on hand and when guests come over and want bubbly water, I suggest this. Everyone has become a new believer in shrubs.

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