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We got these for our Airbnb guests as a local treat. They’re so good!

I love the taste of these cookies. They are chewy and the chocolate chip makes them more enjoyable. You start eating them and it is hard to stop!

Great product

Great product

Highly recommended

This is one of our go to shrubs for cocktail and mocktail hour after work.

Pinot Noir Apple Cider Vinegar
Marie K. (Oakley, US)

This tastes REALLY good. I used it to make the enclosed recipe for Whole Apple Vinaigrette and was very pleased with the way it turned out. I would definitely buy this again. And it's worthy to be given as a gift!

Loved everything I received.
I believe I ordered almond caramels and received another flavor. They are good too, will try again for almond. The vinegar is fantastic as are the dried citrus which I love to eat as snacks.

Finest apple cider vinegar and treats!

I make all my own salad dressings and sauces.....I am addicted to the flavor of your apple cider vinegars....and the little taffy treats that sometimes come as a surprise when the cider vinegar is sent to me, thank you...
I remain a loyal customer,
Kim Barker

Unique taste treat

The earthy undertones and rich flavor are like sampling a fine wine.

Ginger Limeade Shrub
Seth C. (Berkeley, US)
Super refreshing

Really nice everyday beverage that's delicious on it's own right but also pairs really well with a wide variety of foods.

Strawberry + Pink Peppercorn Shrub
Seth C. (Berkeley, US)
Great balance

Really nice balance of strawberry flavor with just a bit of spice to keep it interesting. A real crowd-pleaser.

The best!

My favorite flavor by far!

Love all of them!

We got these to try the flavors before leaving them for guests at our Airbnb. All of the flavors are really good!

Concord Grape + Lime Shrub
Constanze M. (Santa Rosa, US)
Concord Grape and Lime Shrub

Absolutely delicious, Lovely for mocktails. .

Refreshing and interesting


I love the blood orange & raspberry shrub. We mix it with sparkling mineral and it makes a delicious and thirst quenching beverage. We're never without several bottles of Little Apple shrubs.

Original Apple Cider Vinegar
COLLEEN S.R. (Denver, US)

The best of apple cider vinegar without being to acidic

Tasty vinegar

Great apple cider vinegar

Spicy Apple Pie Snacks
SM (Kansas City, US)
Delicious & spicy

I love spicy food and dried apples. I didn't know what kind of heat to expect since the description is vague. It's a nice heat that sneaks up on you but does not overwhelm the apples. Definitely buying more of these!

Granola Cookies
SM (Kansas City, US)
He didn't think he would like them

When I read him the ingredients he said no thanks. I'm the one who loves apple and granola but he loves dark chocolate. I made him try a bite. He asked me to order more and I will. They aren't overly sweet or too chocolatey. The oatmeal cookie comparison is accurate. These are better!

The best ACV

This is best ACV