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Best by far in a taste test lineup

I did a taste test with this ACV against a few others (store-bought brands and one other specialty brand) and it was by far the best - it had the most apple-y aroma and unique vanilla/wine-like barrel tones. Delightful and best I've ever had.


I recently had my partners parents over and was worried that my drink offerings may disappoint. While looking through my pantry in a hurry, I saw that I had unopened bottle of this. Not only did they enjoy the drink I whipped up (just a plain sparkling water and maybe 2-3 Tbs of shrub) they wanted to get some themselves.

In short, this is a wonderful addition to my pantry as an everyday consumable and also something to impress hard-to-please parents!

Tasty as hell

I’ve been experimenting with various mock-tail ingredients and this is by far my favorite! The vinegar gives it a real kick that is so bright and delicious.

A mouthful of apple pie at it's finest!

Received this as a gift from our wine club and just re-ordered for an Easter Basket treat and some for the adults also.

soy free, amazing

thank you for using soy free chocolate in your cookies.
can't wait to order and have another treat of the delicious apple rose cacao caramels. i see ice cream cookies in the very very near future.

Best texture and taste

Being a lover of granola, I was instantly hooked on these amazing morsels. I can’t get enough! Kudos, Joanne and Dan. You two are amazing 🤎

The Best,

This is the 2nd product I’ve purchasedI thought the apple vinegar was the bomb! The Balsamic is amazingly delicious.
The flavor is outstanding.We Fe used it for salad dressing and also dipping. The delivery was quick and easy. I will order again!

Mary E


This is my favorite shrub - I can’t get enough of this. So many uses but is my go to with sparkling water! Love this company and products best ever.

Most delicious little treat ever!!

I received a pack of carmels for valentine's day.. One bite and I immediately scoured the packet for the website to see where this delectable cararmel came from. Totally delighted to see the variety of flavors and ordered the sampler to try them all! Perfect gift too!

Delicious and great service

These are the most delicious caramels I have ever had!

Triple Citrus Shrub

Very nice citrus/orange flavor without being too sweet. Excellent when added to sparkling water. Highly recommend.

First-Time Buyer of Blood Orange/Raspberry Shrub

Excellent flavor with a touch of sweetness but not too much, very satisfied. I added the shrub to my sparling water and it was a great combination. Will now buy this regularly.


I'm not a fan of caramels at all but someone got me a couple of these as a gift. I wasn't sure about the combination of apple cider caramels, cold brew and cocoa nibs..... Oh boy....I LOVE THEM! Not too chewy, not too sweet. They are perfect for me!

Oh Yummy

Received my first box as a gift. Had to share with my husband since he knew I had them and was ooo-ing as I ate so I bought him his
own box. He hasn't shared yet. Guess I better send for another - my own stash!! Delicious. Unusually so. Thank you.

I love the shrubs! All high quality products

I love love the strawberry+pink peppercorn shrub! I mix it with bourbon for a yummy cocktail! And all the caramel candies are superb! Treat yourself, you will not be disappointed. Also, ordering on-line is super easy & all my orders arrived timely & in perfect condition.


Wonderful mixer. Caramels very tasty and customer service is A plus!


I triple-dog-dare you to find a tastier bunch of caramels... go on... I'll wait.

Apple Cider Caramels

I didn't want to miss any of the flavors I saw, so I bought and sampler pack. These caramels are crazy awesome. I didn't open up a pack that I didn't like and am having a hard time deciding which one to buy in the bigger bags. Creamy, not hard and chewy. Luv these!

Crazy Great Caramels!

We received these as a gift (the candy cap version) and cannot wait to stock up on more and to try the other flavors. Incredibly complex, layered and rich tasting treats. A truly unique caramel experience with the perfect balance of sweet/sour/salty/bitter & just the right level of an umami undercurrent.,. If I could give these 100* I would.


I ordered the sample pack so that I could sample to see which one I liked best. I like them all! Hard to decide! I reordered the Rose petal & Cocoa Nibs caramels. The granola is also scrumptious! It's very easy to order on the website and the order arrives very quickly.

The PERFECT treat!

I started buying these in my fruit & veggie box for a tasty afternoon treat, and they do not disappoint! Not too sweet, nor too tart, not too crispy nor too chewy, light and satisfying, I treasure my granola cookie time with a cup of hot tea on a cold winter day. Thanks so much!

So Much Better Than Expected...

Flavored Apple Cider Vinegar? That can't be good...can it? Well, it's not good. It's great! So great in flavor and uses. Best find of 2021 so far.

My new favorite thing

While I'd heard of shrubs before, finding Little Apple shrubs was a game changer. A shot of shrub topped off with sparkling water is my favorite drink. If you are not drinking alcohol this is a wonderful complex alternative to wine. Not sweet like so many options and almost no calories. If you are drinking you can use this to build beautiful sophisticated cocktails.
The flavors are intersting. Little Apple shrubs and sparkling water is my new favorite way kick off my evenings.. I've tried many of the flavors and they are all excellent.

My favorite shrub!

My favorite way to use this shrub is to add a jigger of ginger limeade to 8 oz. of grapefruit flavored sparkling water on ice. (Simple and refreshing) I just love it! ,

Must have for mocktails, cocktails and more

This pink peppercorn shrub is delicious, and refreshing pick me up. We love it on week nights with sparklingly water, but it would also be great with vodka or gin for a stronger drink. Pink peppercorn is my personal favorite but really you can’t go wrong with any of the shrub flavors.

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