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This is my favorite!

All the shrubs are delicious, but this one is my favorite! Add to coconut seltzer for a treat! I will always have shrubs on hand!

Apple Pie Snacks
Chris S. (Oceanside, US)

Apple pie snacks are our go to snack when we just want a little something. We can’t get enough of them

We’ve just ordered our fourth bottle of passionfruit blood orange and guava shrub. It is the perfect summer mixer for sparkling water


The blood orange Meyer lemon shrub is absolutely fantastic ordered my second bottle today


Every flavor in the sample pack is so delicious! These carmels are an experience in your mouth. You can taste evey high quality ingredient to the end.

Simply delicious!

I use my Strawberry Pink Peppercorn Shrub in mocktails and as vinegar in my salad dressing. It's the best!

Blood Orange + Raspberry Shrub
Steph D. (Corte Madera, US)
So much goodness

I LOVE this - a splash in your seltzer for a fabulous drink or as a salad dressing base or a marinade. This is a tangy and complex shrub that does everything!

Apple Balsamic Vinegar
Susan T. (Audubon, US)

We use in our salad every night. I definitely will be ordering more!

Caution: Addictive!

Every item we’ve tried from little apple treats has been AMAZING! Incredibly reasonable price for such a quality, delicious treat. Quick shipping, fantastic customer service and so yummy you’ll keep ordering over and over. Trust me you’ll be addicted to the caramels no matter which one you try!


These treats are the perfect size for a little hit of apple caramel goodness. You will not be disappointed!

Apple Balsamic Vinegar
Kwihee P. (Pasadena, US)

Perfect for the salad dressing! Love it!!

Super-Fan Size Blackberry Lemonade Shrub
Michael T. (San Lorenzo, US)
Wonderful Produce

Love the tart complexity when mixed with seltzer. Will be trying other flavors.

Passionfruit, Blood Orange and Guava Shrub
Kenneth P. (Simi Valley, US)
Wonderful Tropical Tastes

This shrub will transport you to the islands! It has a wonderful flavor. I put a shot glass of it in a glass of sparkling water for a very refreshing, tropical drink. It contains some of my favorite fruits and as a result, I enjoy it so much that a bottle barely lasts me one week. Try it and I am positive you will be hooked!!!

Super-Fan Size Ginger + Hibiscus Shrub
Kenneth P. (Simi Valley, US)
Flavorful treat!

The ginger hibiscus shrub is my most favorite of the Shrubs. I typically put a shot glass of it in a glass of sparkling water. It makes a very tasty and refreshing drink. I love drinking it almost any time of the day. I give it my full and hearty recommendation. It is a great product.


These Little Apple Treats are extraordinary. They are better than caramels.

Super-Fan Size Original Apple Cider Vinegar
Shawn M. (Greenwood Village, US)
Best apple cider vinegar on the market

I’ve never had a cider vinegar as good as this. You can actually eat a spoonful and enjoy it rather than cringing in disgust. I just made a chicken and pasta dish with a sauce of reduced cider vinegar and it was a huge hit.

Spiced Apple Pie Apple Cider Caramels Box
Connie C. (Springfield, US)

Encountered these treats years ago on Fisherman’s Wharf, and although I live far, far away, I order these exceptional caramels for a taste of Northern California. The makers use their own heritage, organic apples and local dairy sources to make something small, but perfect. 👍

Just Works

Perfect texture for a caramel! Black lime and apple contrast perfectly and hibiscus hits the high notes. Bought first with Barrel and Barlap but now a little apple treats consumer as well!

Granola Cookies
Jennifer G. (Gresham, US)
Delicious morsels

Great granola taste and crunchy texture! Great with a hot drink or on the go. Hard to beat!!

Hit with family

Gave various caramels to family and they liked them. One aunt said she ate the whole bag in one night.

Ginger + Hibiscus Shrub
Anonymous (Somerset, US)
If you like ginger, this is for you.

This perfectly brightens up my seltzer. I really enjoy the zing.

Best caramels I've had in a long time!

We came upon these sweets as part of a gift box. They are the best caramels, soft, don't stick to your teeth, and the flavor!! I had to try all the flavors so ordered the samples, wow! Each and every one blew our minds.

This is the Hallelujah Treat

Ok, my middle school daughter and I randomly purchased freestanding treats at the counter of Market Hall in Berkeley circa 2015 and were floored. We were able to repurchase one more time and then never could find them again :/ We looked everywhere and tried so many caramels in our vain search. It was an epic journey and we were so sad for so long. Then in 2022 when my daughter is a junior in college we rediscovered these amazingly delicious treats!!!!It’s was full on Remembrance of Things Past- we were transported. It was EPIC. We will never stop loving these insanely delicious apple caramels and can’t wait to try them all. Big, joyful score!!

Apple Cider Caramels Treat Pack Sampler
Rose (New Cumberland, US)
These are so good!

I am not a caramel person, but these are a stand alone gem! Delicious, non-sticky to the teeth, full of flavor. Give them a try and you will be surprised and delighted!

Superb Customer Service

This vinegar was sent to my sister as a gift. The order was quickly processed and shipped. I was sent confirmation and the vinegar arrived quickly. My sister loved it and even sent me a copy of an enclosed recipe that was included.

Good customer service matters and your company delivers!

Thank you!

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