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Apple Balsamic Vinegar
Kenneth P. (Simi Valley, US)
Excellent for Dipping Sauces

Little Apple Treat’s balsamic vinegar is very tasty and is great whether an ingredient in a homemade salad dressing or simply being added to some olive oil for a dipping sauce with a nice baguette. Like all their products it is of high quality and one can taste and tell that it is made with tender loving care!

Blood Orange + Raspberry Shrub
Sandra M. (Fontana, US)
Oh yesss!

Found it in a farmer’s market and it’s absolutely delicious. Mixed it with bubbly water and also with vodka… works beautifully both ways.

Blood Orange + Meyer Lemon Shrub
Steve I. (Santa Rosa, US)
Gift for my sister

She had never heard of a shrub and always enjoyed mixing cranberry and sparkling water on ice, so I thought this would be a nice surprise. It turned out to be just that. She absolutely loves it.

Mini Granola Sampler
Kenneth P. (Simi Valley, US)
Awesome flavors

I loved all five Flavors, but this sample gives you the opportunity to decide which ones are your absolute favorites and that you would like to reorder. They are all super tasty so picking a favorite is really a very difficult decision. Of course, you could simply reorder all fine! 😊 I love them as is for a snack, but they are also great with a bit of natural yogurt. I really love the fact that they are not overly sweet. If you try, I guarantee you shall be hooked!

Orchard Blend Mini Granola
Kenneth P. (Simi Valley, US)
Awesome Granola

Little Apple Treats is very tasty and not overly sweet which is really great. I enjoy it for breakfast as well as for a quick snack, eating right out of the packet.

Wonderful shrub and a great value!

This shrub is delicious! Exotic, yet approachable in flavor. I used it to marinate chicken breasts, along with EVOO and even the kids loved it! Can't wait to try it in drinks.


Prefect with ginger ale

Can't eat just one

Beautifully flavored, wonderfully delicious

Granola Cookies
Steve I. (Santa Rosa, US)
Delicious treats

Loved having a yummy snack around the house made locally by wonderful people.

Ginger Limeade Shrub
Kathy G. (San Francisco, US)
Love the shrub!

The Ginger Limeade rocks...especially with ice and water...perfect thirst quencher, refresher and all around summer drink. Will order more soon

Apple Cider Caramels Treat Pack Sampler
Kathy G. (San Francisco, US)
Try not to eat them all...

I ordered the sampler after trying an apple cider treat with cocoa nibs and rose...all of the flavors are delightful but none so much as that first bite I found in my local grocery store. Online orders came fast and the packaging is superb...I’m ready to order another variety package because they’re too good not to share

Spiced Apple Pie Apple Cider Caramels Box
Nickie N. (Corona del Mar, US)
So good!

These were in a gift basket and I immediately googled to find them and order more.

So delicious!

Such a great treat! The perfect year-round fall flavor.

Granola Cookies
Chandler M. (Denver, US)
The obsession is real!

Holy cow. I’m completely obsessed with these cookies! Perfect with coffee or tea, great crunchy texture, and the flavor is a 10. Must buy!

Great gift!

I had one of the flavors myself in a corporate snack box, and loved it. I ordered the variety pack as a Mother's Day gift and it was a hit! Plus, delivery was fast & on time even ordering less than 1 week prior to Mother's Day.

Pinot Noir Apple Cider Vinegar
Amanda W. (Sebastopol, US)
Do not shelf this little delight!!

I stash fancy food items for a special occasion. It's an error! Use this gorgeous vinegar every day! I do and adore it!
Do not wait to treat yourself! This one is amazing!

Apple Cider Caramels with Candy Caps Box
Preston B. (Paradise Valley, US)

There aren’t many things that have me rushing to find an online store after having a sample, and fewer I’d pay more than a few dollars for.. but THESE! Incredible. Best flavor and addicting but not too sweet.

As Good as Ever

I recently purchased the large size of blood range/raspberry and the quality and great taste remained true to form. I had purchased the smaller several several times previously and this was as good as ever. I mix it with cold water/carbonated water for a refreshing drink just about every day. Servie was excellent with shipping and delivery completed quickly. I highly recommend.

Original Apple Cider Vinegar
Alexandra M. (Albany, US)
Best by far in a taste test lineup

I did a taste test with this ACV against a few others (store-bought brands and one other specialty brand) and it was by far the best - it had the most apple-y aroma and unique vanilla/wine-like barrel tones. Delightful and best I've ever had.

Blackberry Lemonade Shrub
Bella R. (Oakland, US)

I recently had my partners parents over and was worried that my drink offerings may disappoint. While looking through my pantry in a hurry, I saw that I had unopened bottle of this. Not only did they enjoy the drink I whipped up (just a plain sparkling water and maybe 2-3 Tbs of shrub) they wanted to get some themselves.

In short, this is a wonderful addition to my pantry as an everyday consumable and also something to impress hard-to-please parents!

Blood Orange + Raspberry Shrub
Bella R. (Oakland, US)
Tasty as hell

I’ve been experimenting with various mock-tail ingredients and this is by far my favorite! The vinegar gives it a real kick that is so bright and delicious.

A mouthful of apple pie at it's finest!

Received this as a gift from our wine club and just re-ordered for an Easter Basket treat and some for the adults also.

Granola Cookies
onyx (Los Angeles, US)
soy free, amazing

thank you for using soy free chocolate in your cookies.
can't wait to order and have another treat of the delicious apple rose cacao caramels. i see ice cream cookies in the very very near future.

Granola Cookies
Wendy P. (McKinleyville, US)
Best texture and taste

Being a lover of granola, I was instantly hooked on these amazing morsels. I can’t get enough! Kudos, Joanne and Dan. You two are amazing 🤎

Apple Balsamic Vinegar
Mary E. (Lafayette, US)
The Best,

This is the 2nd product I’ve purchasedI thought the apple vinegar was the bomb! The Balsamic is amazingly delicious.
The flavor is outstanding.We Fe used it for salad dressing and also dipping. The delivery was quick and easy. I will order again!

Mary E

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