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Spicy Apple Pie Snacks
SM (Kansas City, US)
Delicious & spicy

I love spicy food and dried apples. I didn't know what kind of heat to expect since the description is vague. It's a nice heat that sneaks up on you but does not overwhelm the apples. Definitely buying more of these!

Granola Cookies
SM (Kansas City, US)
He didn't think he would like them

When I read him the ingredients he said no thanks. I'm the one who loves apple and granola but he loves dark chocolate. I made him try a bite. He asked me to order more and I will. They aren't overly sweet or too chocolatey. The oatmeal cookie comparison is accurate. These are better!

The best ACV

This is best ACV

Love the shrubs!

I love all of the shrub flavors, but the passionfruit, blood orange, and guava is my favorite! I mix mine with seltzer and sometimes add a splash of vodka. It's such a refreshing drink and a great way to relax after a long day, with or without the alcohol. Cheers!

Original Apple Cider Vinegar
Cindy (Pittsburgh, US)

I haven’t open my bottles yet to try the vinegar but they came packaged nicely and arrived unbroken. Since they were shipped over Christmas it took a little long for them to get to PA with all the holiday mail.

The most amazing vinegar shrub EVER!

When I discovered Little Apple Treats Cider Vinegar Shrub (Strawberry Pink Peppercorn), I was completely ecstatic! It is so good, I will drink small amounts for health. It's fantastic in any recipe that calls for apple cider. I've used it in dressings, homemade bar-b-que sauces, soups, and when ever I just want to uplift a recipe. This is a real keeper! You do want to refrigerate once you open the bottle as it says to do.

Soooooo good

The best candy you'll ever buy

Super-Fan Size Blackberry Lemonade Shrub
sue s. (San Francisco, US)
Each is unique and eye-popping flavors!

They are unique and crafted with great aesthetics!

Better than chocolate

These little bags would make a great stocking stuffer

These are addictive

Make sure you order a lot! This box is going to make great holiday gifts this year!


I pour a shot-glass of this into water each day before dinner. The flavor is much smoother and more enjoyable than supermarket ACV. It also seems to be helpful with bloating and moderating my glucose spikes from dinner.

Blackberry Lemonade Shrub
TW (Santa Rosa, US)

Lovely shrub to elevate ours drinks and salad dressings. Great addition to our pantry!

The Absolute Best Apple Caramel Eva

Stumbled on this years ago randomly at Market Hall and it took years to track it down again. Worth the fuss

Blood Orange + Raspberry Shrub
Wayne D. (Santa Rosa, US)
Have loved their shrubs for over a year.

Blood orange and raspberry is one of my favorites. Just mix with sparkling water for lunch most days.

I first received Little Apple Treats Apple Pie Caramels in a subscription box and thought they were one of the most delicious little treats I've ever tasted! I had to search their website and see what else they have to offer. All the flavors I've tried in this sampler pack are incredible.

So Dangerously Delicious!

A reserved a small bag of these as a gift, finished them all much quicker than I’d like to admit, and immediately ordered more. Only try these if you have strong will power.


Loved the caramels, great apple flavor!

Hill + Hollow Granola
Kwihee P. (Pasadena, US)
The best granola ever!

love love love Hill + Hollow Granola!

New World Blend Granola
Erica F. (New York, US)
Hearty and sweet

Just the perfect blend of fruit for yogurt or milk. Great, definitely ordering again!

Orchard Blend Granola
Erica F. (New York, US)

Tastes delicious and fresh!

Simply amazing and delicious!

This is by far the best apple cider vinegar EVER!

Delicious!!! Very yummy! Will be ordering more :)

Omgg these are some of the best things that have ever been on my tastebuds. They’re so yummy and definitely my favorite flavor from this business! I was quite sad when I had the last one in the bag so I’ll definitely be ordering more. Exquisite flavor and texture— Really made me feel like fall is here!!

These are delicious! I love oat cookies but they usually have raisins in them which I don’t like, so I love it whenever I find raisin-less cookies. They did arrive very crumbled, so it was more like eating actual granola than granola cookies haha. Maybe more cushioning in the packaging would help. I actually ended eating it with a spoon… I will still probably order more of these because they’re very yummy!