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The best!

I’ve bought the vinegars multiple times now. It’s just simply the best. My salad dressings always taste like a great chef made them!!

A plethora of yummy delights

This treat pack sampler is like a party in a box of delights with each variety so so good!

Apple vinegars and shrubs terrific

Received Hibiscus and Meyer Lemon shrubs and apple cider vinegar. The shrubs were new to me and found them refreshing and delicious. I had guests for dinner who also tried them and were very pleased. The vinegar was delicious in salad dressing.


Best granola ever nutrient dense and just plain good!!!!

Drink Recipe Please?

I got a bunch of items as a gift, they were all great. One was this mulling spice, and it came with a margarita recipe. I know I need to steep it in tequila, but after that I don’t know because I lost the recipe card. Can anyone help?

Hi Michelle! Here's the Rosy Tequila recipe--Pour entire jar of Mulling Spice into a quart canning jar. Pour a 750ml. bottle of tequlia (or mezcal, for a smokier flavor!) into the jar and infuse for several hours or overnight. Strain. Makes a beautiful Margarita!--enjoy!
Best Granola Ever

I absolutely love this granola- the apples are perfectly baked and the spice just right! I would love to buy this in bulk if I could!! Love this, highly recommend.

Best bite of anything I have EVER put in my mouth.


the right bite

wonderful.....! a healthy delicious cookie...perfect size!

Great tasting !!

ordered two bottles for my ladies book club because the book talked about different
vinegar drinks and everyone LOVE them! will be ordering again


This has to be my favorite apple cider vinegar ever. I actually love it for so many uses in he kitchen and for sipping, and ooooh, I could sip so much its so good!

Beautiful shrub

I absolutely love this beautifully balanced shrub. So yummy in everything from sparkling water to a cocktail and a vinaigrette.

Great sampler pack!

Didn't know which flavors I would like. Sampler pack is a great way to try a few. My favorite New World Blend.... perfect as a crunchy topping over vanilla ice cream!

Love this!

Refreshing and unique, great option for a festive drink. I served a splash of this hibiscus ginger cider in sparkling water when we had friends over and everyone loved it. Also great to bring as a host/hostess gift.

Addictive In The Best Way!

These cookies are so divine and delicious! Because they are perfect as a sweet treat that is not too indulgent, I can't stop eating them. The small bag is just not enough!

Yummy Caramels

Got these as a gift and loved every bite. Very delicious!

Nice smooth texture and strong flavor.

Normally I don’t like caramels because they are too chewy. These were nice creamy texture and strong tangy apple and sweet rose flavor with bits add a special texture. Only thing is it is a tad too sugary.

sweet, crisp, and clean tasting

great little treats. we first got them through a Foodocracy sample box and liked them so much we order more for gifts

Spiced Apple Pie

Very delicious caramels, probably the best that I have ever tasted. When I sampled the different caramel flavors at the SF farmers market, these were my favorite. Runner up flavor was the candy top mushroom ones.
Perfect for gift giving or a nice sweet treat for oneself 🍎❤️

strawberry pink peppercorn - excellent!!

This is my first experience using a fruit shrub and this strawberry peppercorn flavor was sooo delicious. Especially nice because the strawberries are organic and I believe are from the local (and famous)Dirty Girls organic farm. This shrub has a really nice distinctive strawberry flavor. The slight tart vinegar taste reminds me slightly of kombucha. I used a generous splash of it in a ginger beer and some bubbly water.

Wonderful Gift Idea

I purchased this for several friends and they loved it. Thought the flavor was unique and enjoyed trying something new. I would buy it again.

they were supposed to be a present but...

I purchased these to send to my parents for the holidays but somehow wound up eating them with my partner when I couldn't resist the temptation any longer! They are so good--like--every time I have ever purchased a nice caramel I have wanted it to taste like this. The notes of apple are fresh and crisp with the taste on brandy being just strong enough to add a rounded depth to it. I just ordered a few more bags of these as gifts and to have a little stock in my own cupboard.

Love these candies!

They taste fresh and naturally delicious!

Awesome Cider

Awesome cider , won’t buy anything else

Lemon and Coriander shrub

I gave to my daughter as a gift and she just sent me a picture of her drink with an orange slice and said it was delish!

Great addition to the holidays!

I loved this so much I gave as gifts - tasty, versatile & non-perishable! enjoying today on a rainy Sunday & I have ideas for summer too!