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Beautiful Apple Flavor

I love apple cider vinegar and have a couple store-bought brands that I use as an ingredient in recipes where flavorful acidity is important. But this stuff matches the quality of the finest foods I use it with, and elevates other food to another level. One of my favorite uses of it is to pour it on a bowl of beans with a great olive oil and shallots. It gives those simple ingredients a shimmering brightness and great depth of flavor. Fantastic.

Super-Fan Size Ginger + Hibiscus Shrub
sue s. (San Francisco, US)
The very best shrubs

Perfect on flavor, ingredients and price! The best deal!

Perfect Combo

I love Burlap and Barrel black lime and I love Little Apple caramels. Together they create a most delicious unique flavor. Hiding these away in the Just For Me spot.

Close your eyes good

Love these treats. Pop one in your mouth, close your eyes and savor the taste. The best!


So rich and flavorful! I love this apple cider vinegar more than any that I have tried and I hope Little Apple Treats continues to make small batch, superior quality products !!!

Specialty Apple Vinegar Set
SAMMY S. (Placentia, US)

Fantastic, from the aroma, to the taste
I love and highly recommend
I will order more ASAP as I already finished off Apple Balsamic. STUNNING AMAIZING

Original Apple Cider Vinegar
Kim c. (Berkeley, US)
Love it!

This delicious vinegar is now a staple in our house. The recipe that comes with the bottle was really great.

Really wonderful!

Totally love this one!

Blood Orange + Meyer Lemon Shrub
Kerry O. (Point Pleasant Beach, US)
Yummy flavor

Very nice combo! Need the super fan sizes!

Super-Fan Size Ginger + Hibiscus Shrub
Kerry O. (Point Pleasant Beach, US)

Perfect for mock tails ! Love these

Apple Cider Caramels Treat Pack Sampler
Barbara T. (Columbia, US)
Little Apple Treat Sampler

The apple treats are absolutely amazing! They are so delicious and each treat is bursting with flavor!!
I liked them so much I sent a Little Apple Treat Sampler to my daughter who lives out of state. She
loved them too!!

Yummy, but too expensive

I love Little Apple Treat Caramels, but they are too expensive. A package of 6 caramels is upwards of $8.00. more than 1.00 a caramel! too much. They were good while it lasted, but I am over them now.

Hi Ellen, thanks for your review. You ordered the Treat Pack Sampler, which is 6 of our Caramel Treat Packs for $29.95, or $5 per pack, not $8. It's true that our caramels are more expensive than what you find at the grocery store, instead of using industrial ingredients like corn syrup and artificial flavors, we use organic and local ingredients, and make many of our ingredients ourselves--the apple syrup, ACV and dried apples in our caramels are all made by us. Although we may not be for you, I hope you find the perfect treat to sweeten up your day! Cheers, Joanne

Best caramels ever! A beautiful mouthful!

Love these as a complete dessert.

Super-Fan Size Guava Limeade Shrub
Melinda S. (Sausalito, US)

Wonderful flavor - so refreshing and great anytime of the day.

Super-Fan Size Blackberry Lemonade Shrub
Melinda S. (Sausalito, US)
Can’t get enough

This is the very best shrub made! I order monthly just to make sure I never run out.

Original Apple Cider Vinegar
Lena H. (Phoenix, US)

Any Apple Cider I've tried before has been too "raw" or too "Cidery" if you understand what I mean. I am mixing a tbs apple cider vinegar with a tsp raw honey in a glass of water and drink it to my meals. This original is like drinking a fine white wine. I love it and it is in its own class. Thank you for an amazing and clean product in our otherwise toxic world.

Apple Balsamic Vinegar
Kenneth P. (Simi Valley, US)
Excellent for Dipping Sauces

Little Apple Treat’s balsamic vinegar is very tasty and is great whether an ingredient in a homemade salad dressing or simply being added to some olive oil for a dipping sauce with a nice baguette. Like all their products it is of high quality and one can taste and tell that it is made with tender loving care!

Blood Orange + Raspberry Shrub
Sandra M. (Fontana, US)
Oh yesss!

Found it in a farmer’s market and it’s absolutely delicious. Mixed it with bubbly water and also with vodka… works beautifully both ways.

Blood Orange + Meyer Lemon Shrub
Steve I. (Santa Rosa, US)
Gift for my sister

She had never heard of a shrub and always enjoyed mixing cranberry and sparkling water on ice, so I thought this would be a nice surprise. It turned out to be just that. She absolutely loves it.

Mini Granola Sampler
Kenneth P. (Simi Valley, US)
Awesome flavors

I loved all five Flavors, but this sample gives you the opportunity to decide which ones are your absolute favorites and that you would like to reorder. They are all super tasty so picking a favorite is really a very difficult decision. Of course, you could simply reorder all fine! 😊 I love them as is for a snack, but they are also great with a bit of natural yogurt. I really love the fact that they are not overly sweet. If you try, I guarantee you shall be hooked!

Orchard Blend Mini Granola
Kenneth P. (Simi Valley, US)
Awesome Granola

Little Apple Treats is very tasty and not overly sweet which is really great. I enjoy it for breakfast as well as for a quick snack, eating right out of the packet.

Wonderful shrub and a great value!

This shrub is delicious! Exotic, yet approachable in flavor. I used it to marinate chicken breasts, along with EVOO and even the kids loved it! Can't wait to try it in drinks.


Prefect with ginger ale

Can't eat just one

Beautifully flavored, wonderfully delicious

Granola Cookies
Steve I. (Santa Rosa, US)
Delicious treats

Loved having a yummy snack around the house made locally by wonderful people.

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