Super-Fan Size Blood Orange + Raspberry Shrub

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Super-Fan Size Blood Orange + Raspberry Shrub

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This is the Super-Fan size of our Blood Orange + Raspberry Shrub.

The bold and rich acidity of blood orange combines with sweet fresh raspberries. The rich red color is as beautiful as it is delicious. A classically sweet and citrusy shrub, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Our shrubs are a blend of our apple cider vinegar, the highest quality fruit, and a dash of sugar. Unlike commercial apple cider vinegars, we use only fresh, hand-picked fruit, not discards or windfalls. You can taste the difference!

  • Use in cocktails, salads, marinades and more
  • Apples grown locally in California
  • Made just steps away from the orchard
  • Aged in oak barrels for two years!
  • Contains the live vinegar mother

How to use it: The shrub could be used to make a sweet and citrusy salad dressing or added to sparkling wine or water for a delicious spritzer.

Packed in a glass bottle and finished with a cork—like a bottle of wine!


Ingredients: apple cider vinegar, organic evaporated cane juice, organic blood oranges, raspberries

750ml , 26.4 fl. oz.

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Blood orange and raspberry shrub is wonderful

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