Cider Vinegar Shrubs

Our shrubs are a blend of our apple cider vinegar, the highest quality fruit, and a dash of sugar.

Made with our high quality apple cider vinegar, sugar, and fruit our shrubs are made with apples grown just steps from our kitchen on our organic Sonoma County orchard. While most vinegars and shrubs are made from apples that may have fallen to the ground and began rotting, we have much higher standards and hand-pick our apples. You can taste the difference in our bright and smooth shrubs that have been aged in oak barrels for two years! Great for dressings, marinades, in sparkling water, and cocktails. These shrubs contain the live mother so they are packed with probiotics too!

Use in cocktails, salads, marinades and more Apples grown locally in California Made just steps away from the orchard Aged in oak barrels for two years! Contains the live vinegar mother